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TTT Under House Piling for an existing house

New piles needed to be installed without moving the existing house off-site. The property was in Burnside, Christchurch– an urban area affected by the Canterbury earthquakes. The project was completed in 2014.

TTT Under House piling in process.
TTT Under House piling in Christchurch with new piles in place.
Project challenges

Certified house lifting equipment was required.

The site was in a residential location with multiple neighbouring properties, upon which installation was not allowed to have a disruptive impact.

The installation process needed to be fast.

Our solution

TTT Under House Piling was identified as the best solution. MultiPole UniLogs were used for their uniform finish. This resulted in decreased soil friction, making installation easier and faster to carry out within the compact working area.

Due to the restricted height of the working area, only 1.8m pile lengths could be used. However, the unique hollow core of the MulitPoles meant that they could be joined during installation using TTT MultiPole Connectors. In this way, a founding layer 7.5m deep was able to be reached.

The unique hollow core of the TTT MultiPole allowed for fast, and non-disruptive installation using high frequency vibration. Our subcontractor, Markovina Pile Driving South Island, was able to carry out installation using equipment with an operating footprint small enough to work accurately and rapidly under the existing house.

The house needed new piles that would be able to withstand any possible future earthquakes.

The new foundation piles had to line up with the existing subfloor components of the building.

The house would need to be lifted 2.4m to remove old foundations and install the new ones. Equipment had to be able to operate within this clearance, and product supply and handling needed to take this clearance into account.


TTT Under House piling in Christchurch.

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