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TTT Suspended Floor Foundation for a new residential building

A new residential building was required on a cleared, previously occupied site in Papanui, Chritchurch. This low-lying coastal area had been affected by the Canterbury earthquakes. The project was completed in 2014.

TTT Suspended Floor Foundation for a new residential building
Project challenges

The site could only be accessed via a domestic right-of-way with multiple neighbouring properties. Installation was not allowed to have any negative impact on these properties.

Unloading and handling of products needed to be fast and easy.

Installation had to be rapid, and equipment needed to have a small footprint.

Our solution

TTT Suspended Floor Foundations were determined to be the best solution. MultiPole SEDs, 9m long and 250mm in diameter, were vibrated 9m deep through the dense intermediate ground layers. Once the founding layer had been reached, pile tops were cut level, then scalloped on site to receive MultiPole UniLog bearers. These bearers had been profiled prior to delivery and were simply lifted onto the scalloped piles and secured. A proprietary concrete floor was then installed.

The unique hollow core of the MultiPoles made them light, and therefore easy to unload and handle. The hollow core also enabled fast installation using High Frequency Vibration. Our subcontractor, Markovina Pile Driving South Island, was able to install the TTT MultiPoles in close proximity to adjacent structures, using equipment with a small on-site footprint.

The new building had to be able to withstand any possible future earthquakes.

A foundation system was needed that would meet the regulatory requirements for flood management.

Foundations needed to have the ability to be re-levelled following any future earthquakes.

There were multiple dense intermediate ground layers that had to be penetrated to reach a founding layer.

Installation of TTT Suspended Floor Foundations for a new residential building
TTT Suspended Floor foundations with a proprietary concrete floor.

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