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Why use our timber pole foundation systems?
You’ll pay less
Our poles are award-winning
Our foundation systems use affordable and lightweight MultiPoles. Using these poles reduces your material and labour costs, without any compromise to the performance of your foundations.
Our MultiPoles are so great, we have won awards for developing them. Read more about it here.
Installation is non-disruptive
Our poles are green
We use sustainably sourced timber from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified forests. You can rest easy, knowing you’ve used ethical products.
TTT foundations are installed using a customised high frequency vibrator that’s so finely tuned, the results are unparalleled within the industry. This method of installation is quieter, results in less product damage, and ensures minimal disruption to your neighbours.
Installation is quick and smooth
Our MultiPoles are easy to handle and install. You’ll have new foundations in about 2–5 days, depending on which system you go for.
We won’t take up your site
Our machinery has a small site footprint and operates efficiently in hard-to-reach places.
System processes and outcomes are subject to site specific information and requirements.

Our foundation systems

Using our unique, award-winning MultiPoles, our foundation systems have been developed to solve issues associated with difficult ground conditions.

It’s just a few, easy steps toward a strong foundation




Geotechnical report

Site-specific design

Site visit and installation

First of all, we’ll need a geotechnical report for your site. If you don’t have one of these, we’ll help you get one.

This will be based on your geotechnical report, and could involve the customisation of one or more of our existing foundation systems.

Our installation processes are fast and efficient. They’ll have minimal impact on neighbouring properties and will leave your site undamaged.


Sign off

Issuance of PS3 and PS4 documentation.

You now have excellent foundations to build on!


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